Sunday, December 4, 2011

$10 Holiday "Beauty Box" Gift: Face it with Confidence

and i am back to present you all with the 2nd beauty box. With this one i wanted to do kind of a facial in a box. To make it even more relaxing you could add a candle, bubble bath, and an inflatable bath pillow. This box is also a great start as a favor for sleepovers, bridesmaids, or a birthday spa day. And as always this can be tailored to better fit the gift recipient or yourself :D

Here is what you need: A gift box/tin, a face mask, a travel size face wash, a travel size face cream, a face cleansing brush, and a hair turban towel or wash cloth. I purchased the mask at Wal-Mart but you can pick one up at just about any drugstore. The face wash and face cream can be picked up from any stores "travel" section. And the brush and towel i got from dollar tree.  All the items were $1 except the mask which is usually $1.99.

1st Step: Line your box with tissue paper. Make sure there is excess hanging off.

2nd Step: Neatly roll your towel and tie with a ribbon (optional). Now arrange the products.

3rd Step: Fold the excess tissue to cover the goodies inside.

4th Step: Close the box and top with a bow!

These easy boxes literally take a minute to put together yet look so cute! If you liked this idea make sure to check out my past post and "Like" my Facebook page for blog updates!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2011

So i just wanted to share two quick things with you all. First of all, i know several people missed the fashion show due to the cable companies having techinical difficulites. And yes you can watch it online but there is also a way for you to watch every minute of it on your phone! Just download the "" app. Now second, i want to share this awesome goody filled bag VS is selling. Its pricey but if you planned on getting some of these things you might as well splurge and get the "Suermodel Essentials Fashion Show VIP Tote". It cost $500 but its worth it. So here are the pictures and the link to it!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

$10 Holiday "Beauty Box" Gift: Perfect Pout

This beauty box is designed to provide the gift recipient with a perfect pout. I used these products to keep the cost (only arounf $7!) affordable but it can be completely customized to your budget or to the taste of the recipient. You can use higher end lip glosses, or even lipsticks. But it is best to match the color choices of the products to what the lucky person likes. Its also a great kit for you to keep for yourself!

Here is what you need. A gift tin, lip gloss, chap stick, lip scrub, compact mirror, and breath mints. I purchased everything at Dollar Tree (where everything is a dollar lol) with the exception of the mirror which i already had and the lip scrub which i made ("how to" at the end of the post).

1st step: Line your box with gift tissue paper. Make sure to have excess over the edges.

2nd step: Neatly arrange all the products in the tin. You can also add some candy or anything you like as a filler.

3rd step: Fold the tissue paper over the products neatly with no edges hanging over.

4th step: Finally just put the lid on and you are done! if yours didn't come with a bow already on it, too bad for you. JK. feel free to decorate it however you would like.

DIY Lip Scrub:
Simply mix petroleum jelly (vaseline) with sugar and put in a container. I used decorating sugar just because i liked the colors.
I will do a more in depth DIY lip scrub post in the future with pictures but for now im sure you get this.

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$10 Holiday Gift Kit

So starting with my next post i am going to posts a how to gift idea. It is going to be a series of gifts under $10. Basically they are boxes of beauty. everything you need for a specific beauty regimen. So look at the next post and keep checking back for new ones!