Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MAC's Surf Baby

This summer M.A.C put out their summer line under the name "Surf Baby". Its a good blend of naturally colors as well as summer brights. It does also include the usual bronzers and oh so cute limited edition packaging. So i was finally able to check out the line in person including sold out products thanks to my M.A.C hook up and heres what i think...

(Pressed Powder: Lush Light Bronze & Gold Go Lightly $28.00)
These powders are soooo cute. they packaging is white and the actual product has the M.A.C logo embedded in it. Of course the logo with fade but the product itself is really nice. Its a powder that goes on cream. The colors are okay but the darker one has too much of a red tint for my particular taste.

(Skinsheen Bronzer Stick: $29.50)
Basically a cream bronzer in stick form. It comes in three colors, gilty bronze, tan tint, and billionair bronze. Its not something im interested in and definitely not a must have. The only thing that i feel this would be best for is contouring the collar bone and breast. But definitely not worth the money in my opinion :[

(Cheek Powder $28.00)
This seems to be the must have item of the line. Its a corally pink blush with a huge gold hibiscus flower of shimmer. The gold flower does not go all the way through but there is a large amount of product for many times of use. The color itself is matte. I do love this blush with or without the shimmer.

(M.A.C Shadows: Saffron, Swell Baby, Sun Blonde, Short Shorts, Surf USA $15.50)
I have only good things to say about these shadows. Very nice colors and super pigmented. My favorite would have to be Surf USA only because turquoise is such a complimentary color for all eye colors and skin tones.

(Pencils: Blue Noon, Gilded White $15.50)
A limited choice of color but these liners are excellent. Everyone needs a white color and as with the Surf USA shadow this turquoise liner is flattering on all. They are true to color, and last all day. And i believe they are water-proof. 2 thumbs up!

(Metallic Pigments: Summer Stash, Surf the Ocean $32.50)
As the name says they are simply metallic pigments. Two good color choices because they are very different. Im not interested but they aren't bad either. There isn't much to say about them.

(Lipstick: Bust Out, Hibiscus, Mocha, Naturally Eccentric $15.50)
I naturally love all of these lipstick. Bust Out is more of a purple wine color. it is also a bit more glossy feeling and looking than the other 3. Hibiscus is an intense pinky red orange with a shimmery finish. Very very pretty and most likely the first thing to sell out in the line. Mocha is a light brown color with a hint of peach and a satin finish. It is also a repeat color so its not new. And the final color is Naturally Eccentric which a more of a nude in a creamy finish. All of the colors are lighter in person. I was originally going to pick up Bust Out but since it was what i expected i ended up going with Mocha. Since i am between a medium and olive skin tone and have super pigmented lips it looks very natural on me.

(Lip Glass: Girl on Board, Good Lovin, Krazy Kahuna, Strange Potion $15.50)
Not much to say. They are all pretty much true to color with the exception of Girl on Board which is practically clear.

(Suntint: Full of Grace, Lilt of Lily, Pink Tinge $15.50)
Basically a lip gloss with a hint of pink but what makes these great is that they have SPF20!

(Nail Polish: Hangin' Loose, Ocean Dip $15.00)
Hangin Loose is a pinkish brown color and Ocean Dip a green blue. Both colors i think everyone should have in their collection. The polishes are nice but i personally dont like the brush so i dont buy them and they are pretty expensive compared to OPI or Essie. They are both a creamy finish.

Aside from the pics there is also loose pigment in melon and in naked being offer for $19.50. And two bronzers in Solar Riche and Refined Golden for $24.00. I dont have anything to say about the pigment but i feel the bronzers had too much shimmer for my personal taste.

Overall im not too impressed with this years summer line with the exception of the blush & shadows ♥

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Theme Thursdays: Technology

So today we are starting a second weekly ritual... THEME THURSDAYS! Each week there will be a theme and the post will be based around that. It will still have some fashion & beauty related stuff. So lets get it started ♥

So we will start with some great websites helping spread the beauty and fashion fever.

So first up is Beautylish. This is an online community all about beauty. You can find everything you need to know about makeup, nails, and hair on this site. There are videos, photos, product reviews, and even a blog section where you can ask and say whatever you want! 

In round 2 we have TriMirror. Now if facebook were all about fashion & beauty this would be it. You can post pictures of you "outfit of the day", new items, or just something you love. You get feedback from people. You also have the option of an SOS post so if you need a quick opinion on something people are ready to help. The best thing is that this site can be taken on the go through an Android and IPhone app!

And the final site is of course the new Everyday Glamourista fan page on Facebook! If you haven't yet please show your support and go like it. This is the official way to get blog updates!

Keeping with our techy theme i bring you this necklace... now it may just appear like a very posh necklace but its much more than that! It keeps you memories, appreciates you hard work, and keeps all your secrets... okay okay its also a usb! lol. Super handy and cute :]
you can pick it up at www.qvc.com for $34.92

I just saw this bow and thought it was the cutest thing ever. It is an actual hair bow but with mega low pixels. lol you can find this at www.thinkgeek.com for only $10.

And going from head to toes the final item is this iridescent purple polish in "virtual violet". Its by Sally Hansen and can be found in most drugstores for $2-$3 :]

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TIP Tuesday!

So today is the first of many "Tip Tuesdays". Every Tuesday i will be posting a tip on fashion, beauty, saving money, and just about everything. So if you need a tip of anything just leave a comment here on or the official Everyday Glamourista Facebook fan page. (just search for "EVERYDAY GLAMOURISTA). So moving on to today's tip...

So i know many of you looove jewelry but many of you are also allergic to it. So if you want to wear the very cute jewelry pieces from places like forever21, H&M, and Charlotte Russe just keep reading my tips!

Step 1: For rings, necklaces, and bracelets you can apply a thin coat of clear nail polish. This will help with the skin irritation or green color some fake jewelry can leave on your skin. I normally do apply the clear polish to most of my fake jewelry pieces even tho I'm not allergic because it helps prevent tarnishing and losing stones. The longer lasting the nail polish is the better it is.

Step 2: Unfortunately its not such an easy fix for earrings. Sometimes the only thing you can do is try to find hypoallergenic earrings. Besides that you can sometimes buy hypoallergenic or silver earring earring hooks and replace them. Sometimes its possible and sometimes its not. You can sometimes pick them up at Claire's, jewelry stores, and craft stores.

So i hope this tip helped some of you out and sorry for not putting up pictures ILY ♥

Friday, May 20, 2011

DIY: Fringe Crop Top

So I have been feeling under the weather but that’s no excuse… so I got my rest and came up with today’s post! This is a bit more hands on but I thought it was a fun idea to share with you all especially since its so easy. Basically its putting two of summers fun trends: the crop top & fringe. Like I said, its super easy and resourceful. So lets put some life back into that old t-shirt. Enjoy ♥

SUPPLIES: T-Shirt, Scissors, White  Eyeliner or Pins

Step 1: Start by picking out a t-shirt. I don’t recommend using a good one on your first try in case you mess up. I usually just pick an old one or buy a cheap one. One that if I ruin I wont be mortified over.

Step 2: Start by putting it on and measuring 1) how high you want the fringe to go, 2) how wide you want the neck line (regular, v-neck, or off the shoulder). I went with off the shoulder in this case. I used a white eyeliner to mark it because it will come off when washed. For a white shirt you can use pins to mark it off or you can eyeball it.

Step 3: Cut the neckline and the bottom hem of the shirt. Remember that its easy to over cut so do it little by little. A tip for cutting the neckline is to have the lowest part be at the same level as the original neck line. You don’t really have to worry about the hem being neat because its going to be cut anyways.

Step 4: Begin cutting you fringe. I like to keep the side seems of the shirt so I cut the back and front edge into one piece. Just cut the fringe to your liking. Some higher up and some lower down the shirt, but don’t cut the length of the individual fringe just yet. The widths don’t have to be consistent. 

Step 5: So after cutting you may notice that the fringe is flat (picture 1). To get the rolled fringe just tug each individual fringe from base to tip. You can also tug along the neckline to get a neater finish. VOILA! Your done.

Bonus Steps: You can trim the fringe to different various lengths. You can also add fringe to the sleeves. All I did for mine was cut the sleeves hems off and tugged on it to have it roll up


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top 10 under $10 {Beauty Tools}

So today's post is about carrying everything including the kitchen sink with you lol. Well maybe not quite. But these are definitely some essentials i like to carry around. You can always tailor this list to your life style. And i do have to give credit to my friend Wendy for this blog post idea :]

Ok so one thing I try to always carry is a mini sewing kit. You never know when you might lose a button or rip you favorite top. And somehow these things always happen at the most inconvenient times. With this kit and a quick trip to the bathroom... problem fixed:]
I picked mine up at Dollar Tree but they sell them just about everywhere.

Maybe your ears need to be cleaned or you need a quick make up fix... IDK but they are super handy. You can pick them up in the travel section of most drugstores for about $1.99.

So we all know this isn't the best brush but it get the job done. And it being able to fold in prevents random things from getting caught in the bristles(?). And I love having the mirror with it so you do always have one. You can pick one up anywhere. I just got my Hello Kitty one from Target for $1

These are soooo cute. They are emery boards in a match style package. They are small and easy to carry. I don't usually carry nail clippers so i like to have a nail file. You can usually find these for around $2.

Simply put double sided tape thats safe on your skin and clothes. Best uses for this are falling straps, low cut necklines, and gaps on shirts (button to button) $1-$10 depending where you find it... I do like to keep this inside my sewing kit.

I try to always carry baby wipes. They are good for sanitizing but gentle enough for makeup removal. I like the Huggies Naturally Refreshing Cucumber Green Tea (not in picture) wipes because they are thicker and smell nice. At home i have a full size box but for my purse or travel i like the 16 count. Its smaller and easier to carry. You can also get the refillable plastic case but i prefer the bag style because its more flexible and can fit in more of my purses. $1-$1.99

Carmex is a must. I know its not Vaseline but it can be used for the same things. I use it for chapped lips and if I'm my skin is dry i even use a little for that. I find this is easier to find and carry than the travel size Vaseline. You can usually pick up for under $2

So idk if this is a world wide thing but in my culture we believe that putting your purse on the floor is bad luck (money wise) and on top of that it very unsanitary. So lately the biggest  craze are these purse hooks which are a genius idea! I know you do have the option to hang it from you chair but i had a friend whos purse was stolen when she did that so i don't recommend it. Anyways... you can usually pick one up for $10. And as of today i know Old Navy had some on clearance for $1.99!

Tampon & Pad cases are a must. 1) I work with alot of guys and dont need them to know my personal monthly business  2) I dont like having to rummage through my purse when i really need to use the ladies room and finally 3) they wont be ripped open when i don finally find it in the black hole i call my purse. So yea. Kotex sells some really cute pre-filled ones for about $5

And lastly band aids! They aren't just awesome for cuts but for hurtful shoes. Just place them where you need extra protection. I personally like the Hello Kitty ones from Target for $1.99 but you can get the regular ones for $1. But that extra dollar is worth it when a guy friend needs a band aid lol

... let me know your must haves in the comment ♥

Friday, May 13, 2011

Yay! A crack in your nail can be a good thing 0_o

A couple months back O.P.I. came out with the Katy Perry line of nail polishes. The line was pretty cute but the one polish everyone went bananas over was the "Shatter" polish. It was a black topcoat polish that made a crackle effect on top of any other polish. So it seemed almost impossible to get your hands on because of the high demand. I was fortunate enough to get mine almost as soon as they came out because i was on the list. Well now the crackle effect polishes are being offered by other brands in various colors and with high supply. So here is what i have come across ♥

This is the original crackle effect polish. It's OPI's "shatter"...
It came in ONLY one color!

The second round of crackle polishes just recently came out but this time in various colors...
Broken Heart (pink), Crushed Candy (blue), Black Mesh (black), Cracked Concrete (grey),
Lightning Bolt (white), Fault Line (purple).

Today I went into Walgreen's and saw this brand spanking new display. Its the newest line of crackle effect polishes. They are by Sally Hansen and therefore alot easier to get your hands on than the OPI and China Glaze brands. This is also the largest variations of colors...
Snow Blast, Fractured Foil, Antiqued Gold, Distressed Denim, Vintage Violet, Fuchsia Shock, Cherry Smash, & Ink Splatter.

This isn't a crackle polish but I thought I would share it because it looks awesome under all of the crackle polishes (except silver & grey). This is Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish in "Celeb City"

well i hope you all enjoyed my quick post. and make sure to leave any questions or comments down below :]

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

$ Glamourista Deal Alert $

FYI Rimmel London cosmetics are 50% off at Walgreens. Rimmel is my favorite drugstore brand and i feel like they are alway very innovative with their products ♥

An organized mess :]

So today's post is just a quick look into my room and how I organize my makeup & accessories. Since I am in the process of packing its quite messy. All of the good stuff has already been packed except for my everyday essential. Hope this can give some of you some ideas. And if I left something out that you wanted to see just let me know in the comments ♥ 

This is the majority of my necklaces. I use to use those hooks you can stick on the wall but the weren't strong enough for some of my bigger pieces. So then i picked up this handy tie/belt hanger at the dollar store for only $1. It made organizing my necklaces so much easier. You can usually find the hanger at Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA, Target and so on.

These are my earrings that I've had for years and don't really use. I just bought a roll of wide ribbon, cut it, and pierce the earrings through it. It works like a gem. I have also used a pair or cut tights which worked even better because it was easier to get the earring through the fabric. 

This is my everyday earrings and rings. I got this little flower jewelry holder at Claire's for $3. Its cute and its perfect for rings. Its also small unlike many other jewelry hangers which is good for an overcrowded vanity.

I have ALOT of bags and purses but I just stuff them inside one another and hang them up. I use an over the door hanger (usually used for towels or jackets). I prefer the metal ones because the plastic ones kept breaking on me and all y stuff would be on the floor. I got this one at Target in their dollar section near the entrance for $2.50.

This is just  a hanger style scarf holder. I picked it up at Target for a $1.

When i went to Mexico I had bought several body sets which came in these boxes, as gifts for my cousins. Since we flew there the boxes were to bulky to take and I ended up finding a great use for them. There was a window on the box but i used designer ads to cover it. I then labeled each box. I use it to store the majority of my make up. And since it hangs on the wall i have
more vanity and floor space.  

This is a make up box that my dad got me for Xmas when i was like 13. I absolutely adore it because i wanted it so bad and he had no idea. Well i currently use it to store my eye make up. Right now it only has my cheap stuff ad eyeliners in it because I already packed most of it. I used cardboard to add dividers for my mascara and shadow sticks. Oh and I did fail to mention
that the light bulbs actually work... Very Glamorous! 

I found it hard to find something to store my nail polishes and tools because i didn't want to have the in just one place. Because I use it all over the house I wanted to be able to move it around easily. I got these small totes at Walmart for around $5 each. I like the because they have a carrying handle and locking side so the top doesn't fly off.

I know its kind of hard to see because its all messy but... usually they're all in there neatly. So I had trouble finding a specific color and ended up coloring the tops of each nail polish with its own color. I did use white out and a base so the colors would visible since most of the caps we black.

Once again Target came to the rescue. I got this on clearance for 90% off. It ended up costing like $3. Its suppose to be a desk organizer but it worked perfect for my make up. It holds my lipsticks & chap sticks, my Clinique face cleansers & gel, my everyday make up, q-tips, tiny cups for mixing foundation, glasses & contacts supplies, eyebrow grooming stuff, and some makeup brushes. Its pretty big so it hold alot.

These are my scrunchies! The scrunchy ring came with like 100 ties. I bought mine at Meijers (like Walmart but its only in the Midwest). It was around $6.

And last but not least this is my Bratz doll head. I got it yeeeeaaaaarrrrsss ago for Xmas from my uncle. For some reason I find it hard to part with gifts so I have the forever luckily for "Sasha" i found a use for her lol. I use it to hold my headbands, clips, and bows. And I forgot to take a picture but i keep my bobby pins and tiny rubber bands in a glass candy dish that has a glass lid from Dollar Tree :]