Thursday, April 28, 2011

Going Ro(u)g(u)e

As odd as it may sound, I have always liked the color of blood. Not in a creepy serial killer way lol. But I just love how rich and vibrant the red shade is. So i just bring this up because today I had a nose bleed and realized how flattering the color red can be on any skin tone. red is a color that promotes the most emotional stimulation out of any other color. The color red increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy, provokes confidence, and provides a sense of protection. In cultures around the color red represents love, beauty, good luck, fortune, joy life, and creativity. So here are some pictures of different skin tones with red and some red items i love. ♥
Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Beyonce, Gabrielle Union 

I love how my sister looks in her red pea coat

I got these earrings as a gift. I love the vintage feeling

This red blouse is very versatile because of the length. I added the belt.
I picked it up at Marshall's for $14.99

Red envelope clutch

These are red suede flats from Target on clearance for $6.00

Every girl needs a pair of red heels 

Rimmel London "60 seconds" nail polish in Red Carpet. I
love the brush because its wide for a fast application and
it dries quickly. Its sold at Walmart for $2.88

MACs Russian Red lipstick $14.50
(see previous review from March) 

Blake Lively

So as i was browsing through my news homepage i saw a picture of Blake Lively in a breath taking gown. And as i read the article to find out who designed the work of art i realized that Lively was more than just a guest at this event. She is one of TIME's 2011 Most Influential People. Her success, down to earth attitude, and fashion sense got her that honor that very few get. So anyways here are some pictures of the magnificent gown ♥

Blake Channeling The Little Mermaid

Blake in a Zuhair Murad Couture gown 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short Nails... just like my patience

So for all of my working years i have always been stuck with a job where i couldn't have long nails. And to top it off the minute my nails grew past my nail beds they would break or crack. So i decided to forget the idea of long nails and got to work on my shorties. Problem 1, i don't have a steady hand. Problem 2, i don't have the money to get a weekly manicure. And finally Problem 3, i like having a different color everyday. So my solution is stickers! I'm sure u have all seen the new Sally Hanson, Broadway, and Revlon stickers. They are a color, print, or design that just goes on your nail like a sticker. well the first i saw of this type of product was by "pretty woman" and they were the Nail Foils. I absolutely love them. they came in a pack of 24 in 8 different sizes. They also come with everything you need, (unlike the other brands) cuticle pusher, nails file, & scissors. I only put the pattern nail on one finger and do a solid color on the rest like a little surprise lol. since my nails are short I'm able to use one sticker for 2 nails by cutting it in half. Well here's an example of mine ♥

Gold Nail Polish w/ White & Gold Leopard Print Foil Sticker 

Milani 3D Holographic Polish #510 $5.99

Pretty Woman Salon Nail Foils $9.99


Wohoo! (1K) One Thousand Blog Hits ♥

1K!... its not as much as other bloggers but its a big deal for me especially with the hesitation i had in starting this project. I'm so happy that everyone is enjoying my blog! With the great response to it i will definitely keep it going. Now if i can get some Glam Geeks to follow and share this blog it would be awesome but i wont get greedy ;-) I truly hope you all keep coming back! Make sure to share with me your opinions & ideas so i can make this blog even better.ILY Glam Geeks ♥

April 26, 2011 8:38PM

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Victoria Secret Mini Haul

So i basically got all this stuff for free. I had so many secret rewards cards, VIP Angel rewards, and coupons that all i paid was taxes on all of it. Aside from the stuff in the picture i also got a basic pencil eyeliner and a glitter gloss in "flash". i forgot to put it in the picture and didn't feel like retaking it. sorry lol. (to enlarge the pic just click on it) basically i am just showing what i got but in a week or so i will be starting my YouTube channel and will most likely do a more in depth video of the products i bought and opinions on them. plus i need some more time to see how i like them. and speaking of YouTube... should i start doing YouTube videos? IDK. If you can just give me your answer in the poll. the poll is on the top right corner of this blog. Thanx ♥

#1 Love Me Wild lipstick- Pulse $14.00

#2 Hold Please Volume Shine Hairspray $10.00

#3 Secret Moments- Girl’s Night Out Body Wash $12.00  3/$15.00

#4 Secret Moments- Girl’s Night Out Body Cream $12.00  3/$15.00

#5 PINK- Lovely & True Supersoft Body Lotion $12.00

#6 PINK- Aloha Scented Body Bronzer- Wild & Breezy $12.00 2/$22.00 3/$30.00

#7 Eye Flash Bright Radiance Eye Pen $12.00

Saturday, April 23, 2011

"L" is for L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani

So today's post is just a quick review on the "L" eau de parfum. I picked up a set that included the 100ml perfume, 75ml fragranced body lotion, and a 75ml fragranced shower gel. I got it at Marshalls for the low low price of $20! So the perfume smells flowery with a slight fruit smell to it. It smells like a really nice shampoo... very clean. I really liked it and has become my go to everyday fragrance.  The smell doesn't last the whole day but it last long enough. This is a fragrance i would definitely keep buying. I recommend and love this perfume just like the rest of Gwen Stefani's lines ♥

this is the very cute wrapper around the perfume box

the box top is a hounds tooth pattern and the bottom a solid Tiffany blue

the inside of the box is lined in a print saying "I Want You All Over Me"

the perfume bottle is in a glass bottle with a slight gradient color effect of red, yellow, and green

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wanna Cyber... Shop? :-P

Like the ultimate shopaholic that i am i even shop at home. i occasionally buy things from HSN (home shopping network) but my biggest rush comes from online shopping. I love shopping online because its like shopping in stores all over the world. Some of my favorite are those who offer big discounts on big brands. One very common one is Hautelook. They offer something for everyone with a big discount, sometime up to 90% off! I can say that my all time favorite website it Gilt Groupe. It is similar to Hautelook but more exclusive and with higher end brands. not only do they offer material things but they also sell getaways to just about anywhere in the world. Although anyone can sign up for Hautelook it works differently for Gilt Groupe. Gilt Groupe is more exclusive and can only be gained access through invitation or being put on a waiting list. Well luckily i am inviting all you glam geeks to shop at my favorite sites! I hope you enjoy them as much as i do. there will be more website postings as i discover new sites so keep checking back ♥    

Gilt Groupe:

$ Glamourista Deal Alert $

ATTENTION!!! sephora currently has a sale going on. Its not common for them to have a sale so take advantage. If you're a beauty insider or VIB you can currently get 15% off your purchase online and instores! if your not a beauty insider...

1. make sure to sign up at
2. online use the offer code "CHIC" at checkout
3. instore take the printed coupon with you and enjoy!
4. happy shopping ♥

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

$ Glamourista Deal Alert $

Attention all beauty junkies, frugalist, and glam geeks! one of my fave brands is on sale at ULTA right now. All "NYX" brand products are 40% off. Im not sure how long the sale is going on for (usually run the entire month) but you need to stock up before they sell out. The jumbo eye pencils regularly $4.49 are selling for $2.69! If you're not located near an ULTA free shipping is available on all online orders over $50. Also if you use the coupon code "64485" at checkout you can get $3.50 off your purchase of $10 or more. Happy Shopping ♥

Monday, April 11, 2011

Top 10 under $10 {summer}

1.Victorias Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss: This edition of their lip gloss has an SPF of 15 to protect your lips. It comes in 6 different shades. Tropicool, Pina Chillada, Mega Melon, Mochachica, Kiwiberry, & Ms. Mojito. $7 each at and in store.

2. Herbal Essences “Tousle me Softly” hair mousse: This hair mousse gives you perfect beach waves in just one step. Just apply to damp hair and let the air do the rest. $3 available at drugstores.

3. Sinful Color Nail Polish in “Mint Apple”: This color is bright yet cool. It is a color that can be work from spring to summer and looks great on any skin tone. $1.99 available at most drugstores, Target, and Meijers.

4. Sonia Kashuk Full Volume Eyelashes: For those hot summer days when you want to have a make free look just apply this lashes to add a natural glamour to your face. These voluminous lashes will make your eyes pop. The best thing is they come in their own reusable case and with glue. $4.99 available at in stores.

5. Instituto Espanol Moisturizing Milk: This hand and body cream and superior moisture to your skin. The formula is easily taken in my your skin. The smell is very clean making it a great moisturizer for him & her. $2.84 at Wal-Mart.

6. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Milk”: I absolutely love this pencil. This is a must in my make-up bag. I use it as a brow hi-lighter, eye shadow base, and in my inner corner to make me look more awake. $4.50 available at and in stores.

7. Hard Candy Fox in a Box in “Skinny Dipping”: Similar to Nars’ orgasm & laguna duo minus the glitter this is a great deal. It is right on summers trend of orange makeup with one of summers essential bronzer. It is also packaged similar to Benefit’s blushes in a cute decorative box. It comes equipped with a flat brush inside the box. $6 at Wal-Mart.

8. Forever21 “F9710” Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a necessity for the summer. These shades are very Chic & Cheap. With a classic Jackie-O inspired design they can make any look glamorous. $5.80 available at and in store at Forever21 & XXI.

9. Old Navy Flip Flops: The most simple yet important summer must have are sandals & flip flops! Fortunately Old Navy has that covered. They have the standard flip flop in 17 different colors. They’re great for the beach, lounging around, or a weekend BBQ. $3.50 each pair or $2.50 for 2 or more pairs. Available at and in store at Old Navy.

10. Now the absolute best beauty secret all year round is WATER! Drinking 8 8oz cups of water a day helps you lose weight, hydrate your muscles, improve you’re skin, and keeps you cool all summer. There are so many benefits to drinking water and so many convenient ways to have it. One of the best trends are aluminum water bottles or the Bobble Water Bottles. The Bobble Water Bottles are especially awesome because they are made from recycled plastic. They also have a filter inside the cap so you clean filtered water from the tap no matter where you go. $10 available at GNC, JC Penney, Walmart, Kmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

walks like a, acts like a, must be a... Vintage Vixen.

I believe that there is nothing more sexy than the look of a 1950's - 1960's vixen. Think the oh so famous and glamorous Marilyn Monroe. The way she carried her self and her vixen attitude has made her an icon to people of all ages. So naturally today's post is about getting that vintage look. the clothing delicate pieces like lace, corsets, pencil skirts, and a-line skirts. if you're not so into skirts high wasted shorts and pants and to the 50's pin up look. everything should be form fitting like halter tops and skinny jeans. as far as the make up goes it was dramatic but simple. a red lip, winged eye liner, and defined brows. as the cherry on top select a scent that drive guys crazy. Make it your signature scent so when they smell it they'll always think of you. here are some products to help you become a Vintage Vixen ♥

Photo Info: (right-left, top-bottom) Polka dot zip front tank $14.00 available at Walmart, Victoria Secret lace v-neck tank $39.50 available at, F21 floral maxi dress $22.80 available at Forever21 and, Torrid leopard print pencil skirt $44.00 available at, Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy" 3.4oz perfume $59.00 available at Victorias Secret stores and at, Kat Von D tatoo eyeliner in "trooper" $18.00 available at, Sephora cream lip stain #1 in "always red" $12.00 available at, Essence eyebrow stylist set $2.79 available at

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello Beautifuls

so unfortunately i havent been able to put up any new post because ive been super busy and have been working more days than usual. i finally have a day off 2moro and will definately post something up. IDK im thinking maybe fashion related since the last post was a makeup review. well stay beautiful and keep checking in... heres a picof me and my beautiful sis with our makeup looks from this past weekend. im sincerely sorry for the poor lighting ♥