Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tip Thursday: Beach Bag Essentials

With temperatures and hemlines rising it can only mean one thing... SUMMER! The best part of summer is hitting up the pool and beach for a day of fun. So while you're out tracking down the perfect swimsuit make sure to pick up these essentials. You will look and feel great as long as you have these in your beach/pool bag.

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#1:Protect yo'self before you wreck yo'self lol

Too many times we like to go outside without the proper protection against the sun and it starts to add up. Sunscreen is the #1 thing you want to take with you anytime you're doing any outdoor activity. A person's risk for Melanoma doubles if they get sunburned as a child or have had more than 5 sunburns in their adulthood. So lets try to avoid skin cancer with a simple step. From the number of people I know that go tanning the risk of skin cancer is clearly not enough to scare them off. So also take into consideration that unprotected exposure to UV-A and UV-B rays will age you even quicker. In the end you don't want to burn, you want to be sun kissed. I do recommend using a separate sunscreen for your face. You want to use something lightweight and oil free that wont make your skin break out.

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#2:Nothing cooler than Hydration

A day at the beach or pool may feel refreshing but in actuality it can be very dehydrating for your body. The salt water, heat, and sun can remove a lot of moisture from your body so you want to make sure and replenish it. Make sure you take with you a lot of water or even coconut water for a more tropical flavor. I personally like to carry my giant 32oz water bottle from Victoria's Secret plus a bit extra. Secondly you want to carry a lip balm with an SPF. Lips can also get sunburned and extremely chapped. Lastly take a body lotion. After all that fun you'll want to moisturize your skin.

#3:It's a sandy runway

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Beach fashion is the best! We never forget our suits or cover up but what about the accessories? My top 3 beach/ poolside accessories are sunglasses,a hat, and of course sandals. For sunglasses I like to go with an oversize plastic frame. The will provide the best coverage and wont get ruined of they get wet. Also try to take a cheap pair in case anything happens to them. With hats there are several options but my favorite is a big floppy one. I just love the glamorous effect it gives and the extra shade. And lastly, sandals. For the beach I prefer the heavier plastic ones. They'll last a long time and can take a beating without showing any wear and tear.

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#4:Beach Babe Hair

Everyone loves to get those beachy salt water waves in their hair. Before the beach fun begins you should protect your locks. If you plan on being outdoors a lot this summer I recommend investing in a UV hair protectant spray. Its also great for color treated hair. My second beach bag hair suggestion is mousse. If you're going from the beach into other plans use the mousse to maintain your waves and get rid of frizz.

#5: Natural Beauty

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If you plan on going from the water to main land without missing a step you may want to take a small makeup bag. You will want to embrace summer complexion so skip the heavy makeup. All You need are three items. 
1) A lip and cheek stain: You will use this just to add a natural flush to your face so its not so mono-toned. My personal favorite stain is the Benefit Bene-Tint but ELF has more affordable options.
2) A hi-lighter: What highlighter you use is up to you but you can get more use out of a powder one. My favorite is the Physician Formula Sexy Booster glow bronzer. Its a golden color and has a toasted vanilla scent (I actually like the smell and tend to hate vanilla scents).You can use this on your lids, cupids bow, cheek bones, and down the bridge of your nose.
3) A mascara: The final must have item is mascara. Its a must to define lashes and help your eyes stand out. My holy grail mascara is Benefit They're Real.

#6:Everything Else :-)
-Empty grocery bags: Use for wet clothes, trash, or pretty much anything.
-2 Towels: One is never enough. Take one for laying on and one for drying or a for a friend.
-Snacks: Your on a beach not a desert island lol. Maybe some fruit, nuts, jerkey (protein), or granola.
-Hair ties and pins: Wet hair slapping your face is no fun.
-Sweater or Denim Jacket: In case you get cold, duh! Lol
-Bug Spray: If you go to a lake their may be mosquitos so better safe than sorry. 

I hope you glam geeks found this helpful and useful. Make sure to check back for more blog post ♥