Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Perfume on the Go

By now i know we have all seen the new craze known as "Travalo". The little device making your favorite perfume more portable because of its small size. This is a genius product and it only cost around $10-$20. Its a good deal but what if you need more than one, it can get pricey. The other con to the Travalo is that not all perfumes have a removable nozzle. My solution to both of these problems is the "My Scent" by The Salon Shoppe. This looks and works exactly like the Travalo but at a fraction of the price. I picked one up for only $1.50 at Big Lots, actually i got 4 lol. The second thing that makes me like the My Scent better is the fact that you can spray your scent into it without removing the nozzle. Well i hope this review/tip helps you all. But $1.50 is more than worth it :D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Your Favorite Products

There is nothing worse in the beauty world (except losing your hair) than finding out your favorite product is DISCONTINUED! Unfortunately one of my fave (as well as my friends) eyebrow powder kits i discontinued. Its the Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Kit. I have searched everywhere, in several cities and have officially given up. Although it is still available online im still very sad. Well with my goodbyes said i do believe i found what Wet N Wild is replacing it with "Beauty Benefits Eye & Brow Kit". Is it better? Im not sure but i know i love the tweezers and brush that came with the original kit. So will the eye shadows in the new kit turn me to the dark (packaging) side? The new one has yet to hit stores but i do know that it will be double the price at $8 which is in no way good news. Well hopefully my whining helps get one of my favorite products back. What favorite product of yours have you lost?

Rest In Beauty Heaven
Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

The New Kid
Wet N Wild beautybenefits Effortless Eyes Shadow & Brow Kit
around $8