Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentines Day: Gifts for Him

Many girls think that Valentine's day is their day to get spoiled. But I think men should get spoiled too. I understand that it can get difficult to shop for a guy so that is why this post is here to help. I picked out a few things as inspiration. These are items that I know a guy would appreciate. Some pricier and some more affordable. You have to work with what you have. Drumrollllll please...

#1. Cologne

Cologne is a classic gift. Yes, its boring but you can't go wrong with making your man smell good. Plus, the Azzaro Chrome cologne smells amazing. This is also very affordable. You can get it on sale at Target for under $25.Chrome at Target

#2 A Good Laugh
There are two things that everyone likes to receive. Everyone one loves a good laugh. And everyone loves a compliment, yes even guys. So pick him up some cool t-shirts. Guys can never have enough t-shirts. These are two that I thought we appropriate for Valentines day. Just make sure to let him know that you agree with the shirt. Funny t-shirts from Spencer's Gifts

#3 Relaxation
After a long day a guy sometimes just wants to go home, watch a game, and enjoy a drink. This will can be the perfect gift for that. Make him a kit with his drink of choice. Pick up a bottle of his favorite whiskey and include a box of whiskey stones. Whiskey stones a stones cut into cubes designed to keep drink cold without diluting it. You can pick them up at TJ Maxx, Target, and party stores for around $10.00. If you want to class it up a bit you can also include a decanter, it will make any bottle of alcohol look like much fancier. If this is a last minute gift just buy a whiskey, some beers, and make a gift basket with his favorite snacks. Like the saying goes, the way to his heart is through his stomach. Lol.  Decanter at Macy's

#4 Cuff Links
Cuff links may not seem like the best option for every guy. Of course it's a no brainer for the guys who dress up everyday for work but this can actually be a pretty cool gift for the t-shirt and sneakers type of guy. You can get them a set that matches their personality. They are sort of like a charm bracelet for men. They can use them to show off their style even when forced to wear a tie and it will take their business attire to the next level. Cuff links at Macy's

#5 Luxury Street Style
Hats are can be the finishing touch to a perfect outfit. If you really want to spoil your significant other pick them up one of these luxury hats from Mint Creations. He will be like a kid on Christmas morning. They range from $75.00 to $275.00 and are worth every penny. They are hand made with only the best materials including ostrich, Italian lambskin, stingray, python, and silk. This will be something he will want to show off to all his friends. If you can't get it on time, you can still make it a special surprise. Give him and envelope some sexy pictures of yourself and slip one of the hat you got him, he will really appreciate both. This is obviously a great gift year round, maybe even include some tickets to a game. Just get creative, regardless he will love it!
More hats from Mint Creations.

Some other great gifts ideas not included are a bluetooth speaker (you can never have too many of those), his favorite meal, tickets to see his favorite team play, a nice watch, workout gear, and any activity he has not stopped talking about lol. Sometimes they are honestly saying what they want but we don't listen. Don't forget that the best gift is LOVE! I know it's cheesy but its true, so make sure you tell everyone how much you love them everyday. Happy Valentine's Day glamouristas!
I recently turned 25 and with that came a lot of new interest. I have slowly been  finding myself as a person. I have always been very intuitive and have known who I am but now I am realizing that every aspect of my life contributes to what makes Being glamorous is not only about looks, it's a way of life. That is why I will be extending this blog to be a lifestyle blog. I will share my ideas on everything from cooking to travel. I will of course still post beauty related items because those are the roots of this blog.  I just want to share who I am with all of you. So I hope you guys like the new project and like always any comments are greatly appreciated. There is always room for improvement. I also want to thank all those who even after my overly extended break from the blog are still supporting me. If I didn't have your support and enthusiasm this may have just become a forgotten thought. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and a million more.