Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saving the World one Face at a time

With so much hairspray and perfume in the atmoshpere i think its time we give mother nature a helping hand. Organic and natural products use to be good for the Earth but awful on your skin and hair. Well im here to share not just my top NATURAL products but these are also some of my all time favorite products. Here they are in no specific order ♥

 1. Lavera Kajal Eyeliner: Lavera is a German company producing all natural cosmetics. I just recently picked up this eyeliner in black. It goes on effortlessly and last a long time. I wouldnt say all day but long enough. Available at Target $10

2. Eco-Tools. They produce beauty tools like cosmetic brushes, scissors, mirrors, sponges, and more recently body products. I have just about every cosmetic brush they make and love them all. Best of all theyre made of bamboo, recycled aluminum, and super soft cruelty-free bristles. Available at most drug stores $5-$15

3. Carol's Daughter Hair Milk: Although this product is designed for curly hair i use it in my wavy hair. I use to put mouse and hairspray in my hair to maintain my waves frizz free but i hated how it made my hair hard. Now my hair is frizz free and managable. The hair milk is more of a cream than milk you put in your hair while its still damp. It is one of my pricier hair items but it last a really long time. If you use it about 3 times a week the 10oz bottle will last about 6 months. I always keep it in stock. Available at Macy's, http://www.hsn.com/, & http://www.carolsdaughter.com/ $20

4. Lush Dark Angels Face Cleansing Bar: All of the Lush products are all natural. The amazing thing about this cleansing bar is that it removes oil from your face. Ironiclly enough it looks like coal but i promise it wont dirty up your face just clean it. Available at Lush stores & http://www.lush.com/ $10.95

5. Burt's Bees Lip Balm: This is just a reasonable priced chapstick with great results. It has pomegranate oil which is great for smooth moisturized lip. Available at most drug stores $3

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