Thursday, March 24, 2011

SOS... The gel & heat to Pauly D's head killed his fashion brain cells!

Recently Jersey Shore's (my shameful guilty pleasure) Pauly D criticized one of the girl's denim outfit. He believes denim is no longer in style but i absolutely must DISAGREE. i absolutely love denim and with summer approaching we are reviving a trend from the 80s/90s... the denim vest! whether its a cropped denim vest being dressed up with a button up blouse and trousers or dressed down with a vintage tee and sneakers its fabulous and comfortable. I especially love a classic denim vest over a girly flowy dress. Cowgirl chic or a hip hop throwback the denim vest is here today, tomorrow, & forever ♥

Photo Info: (top to bottom) F21 cropped denim vest $18.90 available at, Guess Gretchen denim vest $118.00  available at, Heritage1981 denim vest $19.90 available at, Blue London Jeans denim vest available at

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