Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short Nails... just like my patience

So for all of my working years i have always been stuck with a job where i couldn't have long nails. And to top it off the minute my nails grew past my nail beds they would break or crack. So i decided to forget the idea of long nails and got to work on my shorties. Problem 1, i don't have a steady hand. Problem 2, i don't have the money to get a weekly manicure. And finally Problem 3, i like having a different color everyday. So my solution is stickers! I'm sure u have all seen the new Sally Hanson, Broadway, and Revlon stickers. They are a color, print, or design that just goes on your nail like a sticker. well the first i saw of this type of product was by "pretty woman" and they were the Nail Foils. I absolutely love them. they came in a pack of 24 in 8 different sizes. They also come with everything you need, (unlike the other brands) cuticle pusher, nails file, & scissors. I only put the pattern nail on one finger and do a solid color on the rest like a little surprise lol. since my nails are short I'm able to use one sticker for 2 nails by cutting it in half. Well here's an example of mine ♥

Gold Nail Polish w/ White & Gold Leopard Print Foil Sticker 

Milani 3D Holographic Polish #510 $5.99

Pretty Woman Salon Nail Foils $9.99


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