Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An organized mess :]

So today's post is just a quick look into my room and how I organize my makeup & accessories. Since I am in the process of packing its quite messy. All of the good stuff has already been packed except for my everyday essential. Hope this can give some of you some ideas. And if I left something out that you wanted to see just let me know in the comments ♥ 

This is the majority of my necklaces. I use to use those hooks you can stick on the wall but the weren't strong enough for some of my bigger pieces. So then i picked up this handy tie/belt hanger at the dollar store for only $1. It made organizing my necklaces so much easier. You can usually find the hanger at Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA, Target and so on.

These are my earrings that I've had for years and don't really use. I just bought a roll of wide ribbon, cut it, and pierce the earrings through it. It works like a gem. I have also used a pair or cut tights which worked even better because it was easier to get the earring through the fabric. 

This is my everyday earrings and rings. I got this little flower jewelry holder at Claire's for $3. Its cute and its perfect for rings. Its also small unlike many other jewelry hangers which is good for an overcrowded vanity.

I have ALOT of bags and purses but I just stuff them inside one another and hang them up. I use an over the door hanger (usually used for towels or jackets). I prefer the metal ones because the plastic ones kept breaking on me and all y stuff would be on the floor. I got this one at Target in their dollar section near the entrance for $2.50.

This is just  a hanger style scarf holder. I picked it up at Target for a $1.

When i went to Mexico I had bought several body sets which came in these boxes, as gifts for my cousins. Since we flew there the boxes were to bulky to take and I ended up finding a great use for them. There was a window on the box but i used designer ads to cover it. I then labeled each box. I use it to store the majority of my make up. And since it hangs on the wall i have
more vanity and floor space.  

This is a make up box that my dad got me for Xmas when i was like 13. I absolutely adore it because i wanted it so bad and he had no idea. Well i currently use it to store my eye make up. Right now it only has my cheap stuff ad eyeliners in it because I already packed most of it. I used cardboard to add dividers for my mascara and shadow sticks. Oh and I did fail to mention
that the light bulbs actually work... Very Glamorous! 

I found it hard to find something to store my nail polishes and tools because i didn't want to have the in just one place. Because I use it all over the house I wanted to be able to move it around easily. I got these small totes at Walmart for around $5 each. I like the because they have a carrying handle and locking side so the top doesn't fly off.

I know its kind of hard to see because its all messy but... usually they're all in there neatly. So I had trouble finding a specific color and ended up coloring the tops of each nail polish with its own color. I did use white out and a base so the colors would visible since most of the caps we black.

Once again Target came to the rescue. I got this on clearance for 90% off. It ended up costing like $3. Its suppose to be a desk organizer but it worked perfect for my make up. It holds my lipsticks & chap sticks, my Clinique face cleansers & gel, my everyday make up, q-tips, tiny cups for mixing foundation, glasses & contacts supplies, eyebrow grooming stuff, and some makeup brushes. Its pretty big so it hold alot.

These are my scrunchies! The scrunchy ring came with like 100 ties. I bought mine at Meijers (like Walmart but its only in the Midwest). It was around $6.

And last but not least this is my Bratz doll head. I got it yeeeeaaaaarrrrsss ago for Xmas from my uncle. For some reason I find it hard to part with gifts so I have the forever luckily for "Sasha" i found a use for her lol. I use it to hold my headbands, clips, and bows. And I forgot to take a picture but i keep my bobby pins and tiny rubber bands in a glass candy dish that has a glass lid from Dollar Tree :]

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