Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TIP Tuesday!

So i usually have lighter hair. But this past winter i decided to go dark. when i decided to go lighter again it was almost an impossible mission. you know what they say, once you go black you dont go back lol. So after bitchiness, stripes, and patches of color i finally got the black out of my hair! todays tip is y secret weapon... color oops! it is a non bleaching hair color remover. The pros are that it actually works, most drug stores carry it, you can dye your hair right after, and its super easy. The cons are the smell, the after effects to you hair, and once again the smell! So you basically you use it the way you do an at home hair dye. Leave it on for 20 minutes (i actually left it on for 30), and rinse rinse rinse! It says to rinse for 15 minutes to get rid of the shrunken hair molecules. so after that your done. I like to use a really good shampoo and deep conditioner because it smells really bad and it leaves you hair stiff and dry. If you have shorter hair one box should be enough and if you have longer hair i would get 2 boxes.

It comes in a regular & extra strength formula. I used the extra strength. I picked mine up at rite aid for $12.99

This is the before with all black hair

And this is the after. Looks a little red because of the lighting.
Overall i am super happy with this product and will definitely use it in the future ♥

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