Thursday, October 27, 2011

MAC Ice Parade: Out Today!

The Mac Ice Parade is officially out today and you had a sneak peak from my second to last post i believe. well today's post are the sets from this collection. unfortunately i didnt get a chance to check them out myself but from what i hear not very awesome, bummer. well heres some pics and details. Oh and btw all com with the silver bag, Zoom Fast black lash mascara (full size), and a special edition 275se brush. The shadow duo and eyeliner vary by set. Enjoy!

Pearl Iced Delights
eyeshadow: Taupeless, Celestial Black
eyeliner: Purple Dash

Gold Iced Delights
eyeshadow: Baby Its Cold, Woodsmoke
eyeliner: Brown Border

Silver Iced Delights
eyeshadow: Silverwear, Blue Spruce
eyeliner: Graphblack

One last thing... i just wanted to give a heads up that i will be doing to more post for MAC lines being released in November and December so look out for those. and a Christian Dior inspired fashion post is up next  :]

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