Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Haute Holidays

So as we can all see the holidays came extra early this year. I mean hello!, i was barely looking for a Halloween costume when i started seeing Santa already. Although it caught me off guard i adore the holidays. I basically want to let you all know what you will be looking forward to in my upcoming post. I will be doing gift ideas, wrapping ideas, DIY holiday projects, shopping tips, and even link some easy holiday recipes on a food blog im creating. I will have you covered from every angle. And i promise they will all be "universally flattering" on all religions. lol. So my first post will be up 2moro! 

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i would love to hear from you all on what you want to see :-)

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  1. So I just found ur blog and I love it. Keep the good stuff comin chick! Take care!