Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quick Tip

2moro i will be posting a review... maybe 2. So i just wanted to post a quick tip that i took advantage of today. And basically its to check out your dollar stores for good drug store makeup. And nooo i don't mean L.A. Girl, Wet n Wild, or NYC brands (not that theres anything wrong with them). I mean stuff from Revlon, Almay, Physician Formula, Cover Girl. Today I picked up 4 of the Almay eyeshadow trios which coordinate with your eye color for $1! awesome buy if i do say so my self. So yea go check out your local dollar store... more specifically "dollar tree" and "99¢" stores. Plus while you are there you can pick up things that other stores shouldn't be charging over a dollar for like... cotton swabs/balls, storage containers, nail polish remover, nail files, eye lashes, candy, and you get the point lol.

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