Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review: Nuance Shampoo & Conditioner by Salma Hayek

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PRODUCT: Nuance "Quinoa Smooth & Shine"  shampoo and conditioner by Salma Hayek

PRICE: $7.99 each

AVAILABILITY: exclusively sold at CVS Pharmacy

PROS: best scent ever, restores shine to dull hair, leaves hair clean, nice sleek packaging, long lasting scent

CONS: doesn't reduce major frizz, CVS is not in all areas, need a large amount for suds

RESULTS: after about a month of use my hair was shinier but definitely not smoother

Who Is This Product Best For?
I feel this product is probably best for people who have naturally straight to slightly wavy hair. In straighter hair it will reduce some frizz but it will also add major shine. A formula for curly hair is also available as well as one for colored hair but this one is the best smelling!

Would I Repurchase This?
This is a definite YES! I love the scent too much to not use this but that is the only reason. I am still currently using it but have added a deep conditioner to my routine.


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