Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Perfume on the Go

By now i know we have all seen the new craze known as "Travalo". The little device making your favorite perfume more portable because of its small size. This is a genius product and it only cost around $10-$20. Its a good deal but what if you need more than one, it can get pricey. The other con to the Travalo is that not all perfumes have a removable nozzle. My solution to both of these problems is the "My Scent" by The Salon Shoppe. This looks and works exactly like the Travalo but at a fraction of the price. I picked one up for only $1.50 at Big Lots, actually i got 4 lol. The second thing that makes me like the My Scent better is the fact that you can spray your scent into it without removing the nozzle. Well i hope this review/tip helps you all. But $1.50 is more than worth it :D

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