Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beauty Beatdown

This is going to be something new im doing. I will be taking two very similar products and comparing them. Im comparing price point, how well it works, and accessibility. Sort of like two reviews in one. I know more than once i have purchased the same product over and over again trying to find which is better so hopefully this is helpful. Now getting to the products...

Lately ive been super lazy with my makeup and have only been doing the essential (foundation, blush, eyeliner, and mascara).  And to be even lazier ive been usinf felt tip/marker style eyeliners. It last longer than pencil, you make less mistakes than with liquid, and u dont need to find a brush like you for gel. Well thanks to my laziness ive been obsessed with these eyeliners. Ive been using the "Kiss" brand and the "Wet N Wild" brand but decided those weren't precise enough. So yesterday i picked up the "Eyetech Liquid Eyeliner" by Milani and the "Water Proof Eyeliner" by E.L.F.


Size Does Matter
Milani: 0.015oz

ELF: 0.06oz

How Many Rounds Will It Go
Milani: It last a generally long time. Just don't rub your eyes too much. Its also not waterproof.

ELF: It last a generally long time. It is more resistant to rubbing. It claims to be waterproof but its more like water resistant. I definitely wouldn't go swimming with it.

Easy Does It... Application
Milani: Just shake and apply. Smooth and precise application. No tugging.

ELF: Literally like using a marker. Good pigmentation. Just a bit less precise then the Milani eyeliner unless u have a very steady hand.

Breaking The Bank
Milani: $6-$8

ELF: $1

Milani: Most  Drugstores

ELF: Target, Meijer, and www.eyeslipsface.com

The Winner Is...
 E.L.F Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Overall its pretty much the exact same product as the Milani eyeliner but you get 4 times the product for a fraction of the price. Plus it comes in several colors. Knock Out lol

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