Sunday, April 24, 2011

Victoria Secret Mini Haul

So i basically got all this stuff for free. I had so many secret rewards cards, VIP Angel rewards, and coupons that all i paid was taxes on all of it. Aside from the stuff in the picture i also got a basic pencil eyeliner and a glitter gloss in "flash". i forgot to put it in the picture and didn't feel like retaking it. sorry lol. (to enlarge the pic just click on it) basically i am just showing what i got but in a week or so i will be starting my YouTube channel and will most likely do a more in depth video of the products i bought and opinions on them. plus i need some more time to see how i like them. and speaking of YouTube... should i start doing YouTube videos? IDK. If you can just give me your answer in the poll. the poll is on the top right corner of this blog. Thanx ♥

#1 Love Me Wild lipstick- Pulse $14.00

#2 Hold Please Volume Shine Hairspray $10.00

#3 Secret Moments- Girl’s Night Out Body Wash $12.00  3/$15.00

#4 Secret Moments- Girl’s Night Out Body Cream $12.00  3/$15.00

#5 PINK- Lovely & True Supersoft Body Lotion $12.00

#6 PINK- Aloha Scented Body Bronzer- Wild & Breezy $12.00 2/$22.00 3/$30.00

#7 Eye Flash Bright Radiance Eye Pen $12.00

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