Wednesday, April 6, 2011

walks like a, acts like a, must be a... Vintage Vixen.

I believe that there is nothing more sexy than the look of a 1950's - 1960's vixen. Think the oh so famous and glamorous Marilyn Monroe. The way she carried her self and her vixen attitude has made her an icon to people of all ages. So naturally today's post is about getting that vintage look. the clothing delicate pieces like lace, corsets, pencil skirts, and a-line skirts. if you're not so into skirts high wasted shorts and pants and to the 50's pin up look. everything should be form fitting like halter tops and skinny jeans. as far as the make up goes it was dramatic but simple. a red lip, winged eye liner, and defined brows. as the cherry on top select a scent that drive guys crazy. Make it your signature scent so when they smell it they'll always think of you. here are some products to help you become a Vintage Vixen ♥

Photo Info: (right-left, top-bottom) Polka dot zip front tank $14.00 available at Walmart, Victoria Secret lace v-neck tank $39.50 available at, F21 floral maxi dress $22.80 available at Forever21 and, Torrid leopard print pencil skirt $44.00 available at, Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy" 3.4oz perfume $59.00 available at Victorias Secret stores and at, Kat Von D tatoo eyeliner in "trooper" $18.00 available at, Sephora cream lip stain #1 in "always red" $12.00 available at, Essence eyebrow stylist set $2.79 available at

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