Monday, April 18, 2011

Wanna Cyber... Shop? :-P

Like the ultimate shopaholic that i am i even shop at home. i occasionally buy things from HSN (home shopping network) but my biggest rush comes from online shopping. I love shopping online because its like shopping in stores all over the world. Some of my favorite are those who offer big discounts on big brands. One very common one is Hautelook. They offer something for everyone with a big discount, sometime up to 90% off! I can say that my all time favorite website it Gilt Groupe. It is similar to Hautelook but more exclusive and with higher end brands. not only do they offer material things but they also sell getaways to just about anywhere in the world. Although anyone can sign up for Hautelook it works differently for Gilt Groupe. Gilt Groupe is more exclusive and can only be gained access through invitation or being put on a waiting list. Well luckily i am inviting all you glam geeks to shop at my favorite sites! I hope you enjoy them as much as i do. there will be more website postings as i discover new sites so keep checking back ♥    

Gilt Groupe:

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