Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MAC's Surf Baby

This summer M.A.C put out their summer line under the name "Surf Baby". Its a good blend of naturally colors as well as summer brights. It does also include the usual bronzers and oh so cute limited edition packaging. So i was finally able to check out the line in person including sold out products thanks to my M.A.C hook up and heres what i think...

(Pressed Powder: Lush Light Bronze & Gold Go Lightly $28.00)
These powders are soooo cute. they packaging is white and the actual product has the M.A.C logo embedded in it. Of course the logo with fade but the product itself is really nice. Its a powder that goes on cream. The colors are okay but the darker one has too much of a red tint for my particular taste.

(Skinsheen Bronzer Stick: $29.50)
Basically a cream bronzer in stick form. It comes in three colors, gilty bronze, tan tint, and billionair bronze. Its not something im interested in and definitely not a must have. The only thing that i feel this would be best for is contouring the collar bone and breast. But definitely not worth the money in my opinion :[

(Cheek Powder $28.00)
This seems to be the must have item of the line. Its a corally pink blush with a huge gold hibiscus flower of shimmer. The gold flower does not go all the way through but there is a large amount of product for many times of use. The color itself is matte. I do love this blush with or without the shimmer.

(M.A.C Shadows: Saffron, Swell Baby, Sun Blonde, Short Shorts, Surf USA $15.50)
I have only good things to say about these shadows. Very nice colors and super pigmented. My favorite would have to be Surf USA only because turquoise is such a complimentary color for all eye colors and skin tones.

(Pencils: Blue Noon, Gilded White $15.50)
A limited choice of color but these liners are excellent. Everyone needs a white color and as with the Surf USA shadow this turquoise liner is flattering on all. They are true to color, and last all day. And i believe they are water-proof. 2 thumbs up!

(Metallic Pigments: Summer Stash, Surf the Ocean $32.50)
As the name says they are simply metallic pigments. Two good color choices because they are very different. Im not interested but they aren't bad either. There isn't much to say about them.

(Lipstick: Bust Out, Hibiscus, Mocha, Naturally Eccentric $15.50)
I naturally love all of these lipstick. Bust Out is more of a purple wine color. it is also a bit more glossy feeling and looking than the other 3. Hibiscus is an intense pinky red orange with a shimmery finish. Very very pretty and most likely the first thing to sell out in the line. Mocha is a light brown color with a hint of peach and a satin finish. It is also a repeat color so its not new. And the final color is Naturally Eccentric which a more of a nude in a creamy finish. All of the colors are lighter in person. I was originally going to pick up Bust Out but since it was what i expected i ended up going with Mocha. Since i am between a medium and olive skin tone and have super pigmented lips it looks very natural on me.

(Lip Glass: Girl on Board, Good Lovin, Krazy Kahuna, Strange Potion $15.50)
Not much to say. They are all pretty much true to color with the exception of Girl on Board which is practically clear.

(Suntint: Full of Grace, Lilt of Lily, Pink Tinge $15.50)
Basically a lip gloss with a hint of pink but what makes these great is that they have SPF20!

(Nail Polish: Hangin' Loose, Ocean Dip $15.00)
Hangin Loose is a pinkish brown color and Ocean Dip a green blue. Both colors i think everyone should have in their collection. The polishes are nice but i personally dont like the brush so i dont buy them and they are pretty expensive compared to OPI or Essie. They are both a creamy finish.

Aside from the pics there is also loose pigment in melon and in naked being offer for $19.50. And two bronzers in Solar Riche and Refined Golden for $24.00. I dont have anything to say about the pigment but i feel the bronzers had too much shimmer for my personal taste.

Overall im not too impressed with this years summer line with the exception of the blush & shadows ♥

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