Thursday, May 26, 2011

Theme Thursdays: Technology

So today we are starting a second weekly ritual... THEME THURSDAYS! Each week there will be a theme and the post will be based around that. It will still have some fashion & beauty related stuff. So lets get it started ♥

So we will start with some great websites helping spread the beauty and fashion fever.

So first up is Beautylish. This is an online community all about beauty. You can find everything you need to know about makeup, nails, and hair on this site. There are videos, photos, product reviews, and even a blog section where you can ask and say whatever you want! 

In round 2 we have TriMirror. Now if facebook were all about fashion & beauty this would be it. You can post pictures of you "outfit of the day", new items, or just something you love. You get feedback from people. You also have the option of an SOS post so if you need a quick opinion on something people are ready to help. The best thing is that this site can be taken on the go through an Android and IPhone app!

And the final site is of course the new Everyday Glamourista fan page on Facebook! If you haven't yet please show your support and go like it. This is the official way to get blog updates!!/pages/Everyday-Glamourista/115800991838119

Keeping with our techy theme i bring you this necklace... now it may just appear like a very posh necklace but its much more than that! It keeps you memories, appreciates you hard work, and keeps all your secrets... okay okay its also a usb! lol. Super handy and cute :]
you can pick it up at for $34.92

I just saw this bow and thought it was the cutest thing ever. It is an actual hair bow but with mega low pixels. lol you can find this at for only $10.

And going from head to toes the final item is this iridescent purple polish in "virtual violet". Its by Sally Hansen and can be found in most drugstores for $2-$3 :]

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