Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tanorexia... its getting serious O_o

So as summer approaches everyone is getting closer to achieving their desired bronze color. And not to offend anyone but that Jersey Shore tanorexic look isnt cute. Not to mention all of the awful side effects like... severe skin burns, aged skin, and skin cancer. So before you look like "exhibit A" and get reactions like "exhibit B" consider a more friendly approach. Trust me your skin and the earth will appreciate it ♥

#1: Okay so the first product up is the Custom Tan Self -Tan Lotion from Victoria's Secret. I just love all of their sunless tanning products. This specific one has a dial to choose how deep of a tan you want and how much shimmer. I love the shimmer in it because it is very flattering for the legs and any other area of the body. Its a cream formula and its a pretty even application with no streaks. Now i haven't used it on my face but one of the girls in the store uses it and it looked pretty good.
#2: So in round two we have the N.Y.C bronzer in "Sunny". Like i said in my previous post (top 10 under $10 [summer]) i just really like this bronzer because of 2 reasons. 1) its cheap & 2)its matte.
Available at most drugstores for around $3 

#3: This is the Body & Leg shine stick from The Body Shop. Its in a convenient deodorant style stick for easy application. I bought it last summer and mostly use it on my legs. I personally just run it down the middle of my leg for an elongating and slimming effect. My friend likes to use it all over her legs for a color tint. I would definitely got with the 02 shade because it does give off more color. Its somewhat of a sticky consistency so let it dry before you go to the beach so the sand doesn't stick to you. www.thebodyshop.com $10 

#4: So the secret to an even and long lasting sunless tan is to exfoliate your legs before applying the sunless tanner. I use the St. Ives invigorating scrub for my face and love it! And since i already have it i just use it on my body as well. I like this one over sugar scrubs because the exfoliants don't dissolve so i can wash them off when I'm ready and not when they choose to melt. It has a fresh scent which shouldn't be an irritant. In most cases you can find the tube for around $3 but i like the tub which is around $5 because i can make sure to get all the product. They are both available just about anywhere you can buy soap.

 #5: I just picked up this bronzer today. Its the Physician's Formula Cashmere Wear Bronzer. It comes in 2 shades (light and medium) and is made with 100% cashmere extract. It has a slight shimmer but only on a quarter of the product. The color pay off is light. Its better for that sun kissed look as opposed to a full out tan. The packaging is very cute and efficient. The product is in the top section, but in the bottom section is a usable brush and a mirror. The only complaint i have is that its not very travel friendly since its just a flap keeping it closed. This is available at most drug stores for around $13.

#6: The last product is the ELF Everyday Brights eyeshadow palette. I'm including this in my tanning post because  it includes colors that are very flattering on tan skin. Golds, coppers, greens, and blues accentuate the warm color in the skin and make the eyes pop. I like this palette because of the price and variety of colors but like with any eyeshadow the color payoff is best when using a primer first. I also recommend using this more with your fingers, a wet sponge (not foam like the one it comes with) applicator, or a stiff eye brush. It does come with a mirror which is convenient and the packaging is very sleek and perfect for travel. You can get this at www.eyeslipsface.com and select Target stores for $5.

So i hope these products can help you look like a Golden Goddess without sacrificing your skin and health. And as always stay hydrated especially in the hot season. Please remember to leave your opinions, questions, or ideas you may have down below !

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