Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Top 10 under $10 {Happy Feet}

Sandal season is here and we have to get our feet looking good! So here is my list of the top 10 products to keep our feet looking their best ♥

#1. While your feet are still dry use this scrub. I absolutely love it as do the friends i gave it to. The scrub takes off all the dead skin on your feet and the cream leaves a very smooth feel to your feet. They sell this just about anywhere they sell Sally Hansen products. It cost $9.99 but i actually picked up a few at Dollar Tree for only $1.00 each! It was such a steal i bought like 10 of them.

#2. Toe separators aren't a requirement but they make life a lot easier . They are super inexpensive, you can usually pick some up for $1. Now i prefer the jelly ones because they conform to you toes, last long, and are simply more comfortable.

#3. The pumice stone is an essential for proper foot care. I happen to like the EcoTools pumice stone because unlike others this one doesn't crumble apart as you're using it. Its also pretty cheap at $2.50. It is available at Target, Rite Aid, and Walgreen's.

#4. Simply put everyone needs a cuticle remover/pusher. This one is by Revlon and run around $3.

#5. This is a standard French manicure pen. Its just white polish in an easy to use marker style applicator. I like it because i have a very shaky hand so its hard for me to do it  with the regular nail polish. They dry super fast. They are made by many different brands but i just happen to use this one (also have it in black). I got mine at Rite Aid for $4.99

#6. This is a Vaseline type rub for rough spots on your feet. Its suppose to soften you feel and best used for your heels. Its from Sally's Beauty Supply and you can get a small container for $2.99

#7. These are just press on toenails. Its a quick fix. And its cheaper than getting a professional pedicure. They're available at most drugstores for $4.99

#8. I love love love these nail polishes. they are the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail color. The applicator brush is wide for easy and quick use, they stay on forever, they come in soooo many shades, and they are super affordable. You can find them at most drugstores for only $1.99!

#9. I know you've seen the stand in the mall where they try to sell you the nail buffer, lotion, and cuticle oil for like $50... no, for a special deal of 2/$25! well that's a total rip off. I will admit that i fell for it years ago when they first came out. But basically you can get the nail buffer for $1 just about anywhere. The most common one is the block buffer but i prefer the stick. the stick is easier to handle.  

#10. Finally number 10 are these aloe infused moisturizing sock. They  are  suppose to moisturize you feet by just wearing them. Honestly i don't know if they work but they are just so soft and comfy and i  recommend that everyone get a pair.

Now what i do suggest you do is... 1) lather up your feet with an excessive amount of lotion 2) put a plastic grocery bag over each foot 3) put socks on over the plastic bags. After a while remove, wipe away excess lotion, and enjoy you super soft summer ready feet :-)

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