Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top 10 under $10 {Beauty Tools}

So today's post is about carrying everything including the kitchen sink with you lol. Well maybe not quite. But these are definitely some essentials i like to carry around. You can always tailor this list to your life style. And i do have to give credit to my friend Wendy for this blog post idea :]

Ok so one thing I try to always carry is a mini sewing kit. You never know when you might lose a button or rip you favorite top. And somehow these things always happen at the most inconvenient times. With this kit and a quick trip to the bathroom... problem fixed:]
I picked mine up at Dollar Tree but they sell them just about everywhere.

Maybe your ears need to be cleaned or you need a quick make up fix... IDK but they are super handy. You can pick them up in the travel section of most drugstores for about $1.99.

So we all know this isn't the best brush but it get the job done. And it being able to fold in prevents random things from getting caught in the bristles(?). And I love having the mirror with it so you do always have one. You can pick one up anywhere. I just got my Hello Kitty one from Target for $1

These are soooo cute. They are emery boards in a match style package. They are small and easy to carry. I don't usually carry nail clippers so i like to have a nail file. You can usually find these for around $2.

Simply put double sided tape thats safe on your skin and clothes. Best uses for this are falling straps, low cut necklines, and gaps on shirts (button to button) $1-$10 depending where you find it... I do like to keep this inside my sewing kit.

I try to always carry baby wipes. They are good for sanitizing but gentle enough for makeup removal. I like the Huggies Naturally Refreshing Cucumber Green Tea (not in picture) wipes because they are thicker and smell nice. At home i have a full size box but for my purse or travel i like the 16 count. Its smaller and easier to carry. You can also get the refillable plastic case but i prefer the bag style because its more flexible and can fit in more of my purses. $1-$1.99

Carmex is a must. I know its not Vaseline but it can be used for the same things. I use it for chapped lips and if I'm my skin is dry i even use a little for that. I find this is easier to find and carry than the travel size Vaseline. You can usually pick up for under $2

So idk if this is a world wide thing but in my culture we believe that putting your purse on the floor is bad luck (money wise) and on top of that it very unsanitary. So lately the biggest  craze are these purse hooks which are a genius idea! I know you do have the option to hang it from you chair but i had a friend whos purse was stolen when she did that so i don't recommend it. Anyways... you can usually pick one up for $10. And as of today i know Old Navy had some on clearance for $1.99!

Tampon & Pad cases are a must. 1) I work with alot of guys and dont need them to know my personal monthly business  2) I dont like having to rummage through my purse when i really need to use the ladies room and finally 3) they wont be ripped open when i don finally find it in the black hole i call my purse. So yea. Kotex sells some really cute pre-filled ones for about $5

And lastly band aids! They aren't just awesome for cuts but for hurtful shoes. Just place them where you need extra protection. I personally like the Hello Kitty ones from Target for $1.99 but you can get the regular ones for $1. But that extra dollar is worth it when a guy friend needs a band aid lol

... let me know your must haves in the comment ♥

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