Friday, May 13, 2011

Yay! A crack in your nail can be a good thing 0_o

A couple months back O.P.I. came out with the Katy Perry line of nail polishes. The line was pretty cute but the one polish everyone went bananas over was the "Shatter" polish. It was a black topcoat polish that made a crackle effect on top of any other polish. So it seemed almost impossible to get your hands on because of the high demand. I was fortunate enough to get mine almost as soon as they came out because i was on the list. Well now the crackle effect polishes are being offered by other brands in various colors and with high supply. So here is what i have come across ♥

This is the original crackle effect polish. It's OPI's "shatter"...
It came in ONLY one color!

The second round of crackle polishes just recently came out but this time in various colors...
Broken Heart (pink), Crushed Candy (blue), Black Mesh (black), Cracked Concrete (grey),
Lightning Bolt (white), Fault Line (purple).

Today I went into Walgreen's and saw this brand spanking new display. Its the newest line of crackle effect polishes. They are by Sally Hansen and therefore alot easier to get your hands on than the OPI and China Glaze brands. This is also the largest variations of colors...
Snow Blast, Fractured Foil, Antiqued Gold, Distressed Denim, Vintage Violet, Fuchsia Shock, Cherry Smash, & Ink Splatter.

This isn't a crackle polish but I thought I would share it because it looks awesome under all of the crackle polishes (except silver & grey). This is Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish in "Celeb City"

well i hope you all enjoyed my quick post. and make sure to leave any questions or comments down below :]

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