Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dont feel GILTY...

Hello! So im sure many of you have heard of hautelook ( Well in case you havent its a website that sells designer clothes, makeup, accessories, and shoes for the whole family through what is know as a flash sale. Best of all its free to join. Gilt Groupe ( is the exact same concept but even better! why is it better? Its better because it has more luxury items up for grabs like high end designer items, experiences, and trips. Now the only problem with gilt groupe is the waiting list. Since it is more exclusive than hautelook there a waiting list. but if you get lucky you can get invited and pass the waiting list ;-]... So now im inviting you all to join the revolutionary new way to shop for a luxury lifestyle at a cheaper price :]


P.S. My next post is going to include some discount codes for forever21 and a few more shops!

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