Friday, November 11, 2011

Something sparkly

Hello Glam Geeks! So todays post is just a quickie on a new jewelry site. Its on a site selling higher quality jewelry pieces for a lesser price. its called I thought i would share it with you for three reasons. 1: they have cute timeless pieces. 2: they have jewelry for men, women, and children. And finally 3: i have a discount code (scroll to the bottom)! So since the post is about ice i thought i would feature some of my favorites from their site. Enjoy!

First up are these "multi gemstone sterling silver dangle earrings". I find them to be boho chic with the vibrant stone colors yet very antique thanks to the finish on the silver.
$55.00 (w/o coupon) item# ECY 120626


This set i had to add in my favorites because its a great deal and includes my birthstone (others available). Its a "purple amethyst and sterling silver earring and pendant set w/chain". Its a good size to add just enough sparkle.
$75.00 (w/o coupon) item# TYY 108194 (look at # TYY 120785 for size idea)

Third up is this "black, pink, and white freshwater pearl sterling silver 9 piece set". I think the great Lisa Simpson proved that every girl needs a pearl necklace... so why not get them in every color?. I specifically loved this set because not only does it come with the necklaces but it also comes with bracelets and earrings.
So you can mix and match them all.
$95.00 (w/o coupon) item# TYY 108194

And last but certainly not least it is the "silver and 14k pink gold bow ring" this ring represents all things girly in a neat little package with a bow on top. The band is silver, the bow gold, and perfectly placed in the middle
is a modest yet fabulous diamond.
$150.00 (w/o coupon) item# RDY 121212

to get $25 of your regular price, no minimum purchase simply go to...
(or use code "1REAL" at checkout)
im not sure how long the offer is valid so use it quickly. and of course there has to be some exclusions: engagement rings, watches, persona charms, and sale/clearance items dont qualify for the coupon :-( 

And again one last thing. Since were on the topic of jewelry i thought i would share an awesome discount with you guys. So and youtube's brittanilouisetaylor have shared a discount of 70% off your first purchase. Simply fallow this link -> and at checkout enter the code "Brittani"

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