Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall out of summer Love and into Autumn

Were only two weeks away from September which means fall is approaching and with it school. There is one good thing about school... back to school shopping! So i thought i would  compile my top 5 items every girl should have in her fall wardrobe. I personally have multiples of these items just because they make life easier, comfier, and super chic. So here are my top 5 fall fashion picks.

#1: Scarves, they're the perfect accessory for fall.They can add color to any outfit and keep you warm. I prefer a thin material scarf so you can keep it on indoors without getting to hot. Try tying your scarf multiple ways for a variety of looks. You can even add a long necklace or a pin for added bling factor.
Sheer Southwest Scarf available at Forever21 for $8.80

#2: Oxfords, they are he perfect shoe for everything. They can be dressed down with jeans and a jumper or dressed up with a trouser and blazer. On top of fashionable they're very comfy. They're also a great year round shoe perfect for any weather.
Not Rated Hot Stepper Oxford available at DSW for $39.95

#3: Jelly Tote, I love jelly totes because you can fit so much in them. They're size makes them great for towing books, laptop, or anything really. There also extremely easy to clean. I personally like the Danielle Nicole jelly totes because she adds a neutral color to it making it more versatile.
Danielle Nicole Jelly Tote available at Dillard's for $78. I picked up the model I have for $30 at TJ Maxx.

#4: Basic T's. Fall is all about layering so sometimes all you need is a simple base. Plain long sleeve T's are perfect because they add a layer of  warmth but are plain so they don't clash with any accessories. I like to keep a white, black, and tan one on hand at all time.
Slub Dolman-Sleeve Top from GAP $22.95

#5: Men's Denim Shirt. I love denim shirts. They are the cherry on top to practically any outfit. They're great over any of your summer attire to make it autumn approved. You can throw it over you favorite summer dress, under a jumper, over a tshirt and leggings, the possibilities are endless. I do also prefer the men's denim shirts because they're less fitted so they give a more cozy look ad if you want it to show your figure off you can always add a belt.
Men's Levi Western Shirt $68 at

So these were a few of my favorite autumn wardrobe pieces. And to top it off my favorite fall colors are burgundy, tan, navy, forest green and for pops of color turquoise and coral!

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