Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hair Resurrection

This past year I have damage my hair way too much. I went from black, to blonde, to brown, to light brown, to ombre, and to my most recent color red. Sometime the color changes were ever 2 weeks. It got to the point that my ends felt like a metal fiber sponge. I couldn't take it anymore. I knew that after all the heat,  product, and chemicals i put to my hair it was time to let it go. So todays post is basically a guide to what i used to make sure my hair didnt fall out during all its suffering and what im using and doing to its now.

Step 1: If you are constantly changing you hair color, that is going to be one of the major factors in you hair being damaged. So I recommend using a deep conditioner like  Aussie's "3 minute miracle" eerytime you wash your hair. I also recommend using a more expensive repair masque like the ones by Macadamia Natural Oil or Fekkai.

Aussie # Minute Miracle $3-$5

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque $29.99

Fekkai Technicia Color Care Masque $35--$39.99

Step 2: You want do things that will help you maintain its color so you have to touch up less frequently. This means washing your hair less, pretreating, air drying, and using protectants. Many people are use to washing their hair on a dailyy basis but only doing it every other day is better. You lose less of your natural oils and wash out less of your color. So for the in between day try using a dry shampoo. I have no preference but tend to use the one by Victoria Secret because i tend to buy it whenever i go there but drug store ones work just as well. You can even use baby powder. I do suggest getting one that smells nice :).  The second thing you can do to maintain youre color or hair health is to use a protectant. Use one before applying any heat to the hair. That includes straighteners, curlers, hot rollers, and even a blow dryer. The final tip for protecting you hair is using a spray or serum to help with UV rays. This will help preserve your color and hairs health.

Step 3: Use your head before you do anything to it! Your hair and scalp are sensitive. So stop and seriously think about what you are going to do to your hair before you do it. There have been too many times a "great idea" turned into a hair crisis!

And in case your wonder what shampoo i use here it is... Its BOGO free at Walgreens until August 25th!

At the end of the day my hair is about 5 inches shorter but i learned my lesson. So i hope you can all take from my mistakes and if its too late, well i hope this post helps with your hair resurecction :)

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