Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nailed It!: Velvet Nails

I'm sure you have all seen the Ciate Velvet Manicure set at Sephora for $19. Well here's how to get the look for a lot less and with a lot more options. Enjoy! 
Supplies: nail polish, sheet of paper, brush, and flocking powder. This set of flocking powder I have was on clearance for $10. Regular price is $20 for 18 different colors. I got mine at Jo-Ann but pretty much all the craft stores offer a coupon for 40%-50% off.

Step 1: Apply your 1st coat of nail polish and let it completely dry.

Step 2: Apply a thicker 2nd coat.
IMPORTANT!: Complete steps 2-4 for each nail before moving on to the next one. 

Step 3: While the second coat is still wet quickly apply the flocking powder. Make sure to do this over a piece of paper to save any fall out and return the the container when your done.

Step 4: Lightly pat the powder into your nails to secure it better.

Step 5: After letting your nails dry for a few minutes use the brush to brush away any excess powder.You can use any brush you have laying around. Take advantage of those crappy brushes that come with your blush or eyeshadows.

Step 6: Enjoy!

The choices are endless. Just choose a polish and corresponding powder. For and added wow factor try using the flocking powder with glitter in it. You can also just do your tips, alternating colors, stripes, or an accent nail. My personal favorite is glossy gray nails with an oxblood red velvet accent nail.

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