Thursday, February 21, 2013

Glampified!: DIY Lip Palette

Hello there Glam Geeks! Today's post is a DIY I did a few months back. That I know of no one has yet to do this but I could be wrong but I don't know lol. Well the way I came about this is because I love my lipsticks but hate taking them all with me when I travel. I looked into other depotting methods but palettes were around $20 and I didn't want to spend the money. So this idea came about and worked out great! I do ask that you please read all the instructions and tips first before starting so you can avoid some of the mistakes I made. Happy Glampifying!
Supplies: Watercolor paint set, your choice of lipstick, a blade or spatula (I used a butter knife), a spoon, and fire. I already had everything so this project ended up costing me around $3.

Step 1: Remove the tray from the case and pop out the colors. They're pretty chalky and stiff so you should be able to do it with no trouble.Clean up any residue left behind with a wet napkin.
Step 2: Take your lipstick and cut off about 1/4 of an inch.

Step 3: Put the lipstick onto a spoon a put a few inches above the candle. Give it a few seconds to melt...
If you want you can skip this step and just press it into the watercolor slot. I prefer doing it this way because it leaves it looking neater.

Step 4: Once it is melted slowly pour the liquefied lipstick into the slot/pan. Do NOT fill it to the rim. Leave some room for expansion.

Step 5: Repeat step 2-4 until all the slots/pans are filled and let cool for about 5 minutes.

That's it you're done! Now you have a customized lip palette where all the colors look great on you. Just replace the paint brush with a lip brush. In case you had an accident like I did and spill a little just clean it with a q-tip.

1. Don't use your prized lipsticks for the first go around. Practice first with more affordable and readily available colors.
2. Don't let the lipstick boil. This will cause the liquid to dry harder and less creamy making it difficult to apply.
3. Do lay down a protective surface. I used a towel.
4. Do remember to be careful because you can easily be burned and scarred by the hot spoon.
5. Do clean the tools in between each shade to keep the colors true.
6. Don't be afraid to mix colors into your own custom color. Every girl wants her own customized shade so take advantage. And make sure to remember the quantities so if it becomes your signature shade you can always recreate it :-)
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