Monday, February 4, 2013

Beauty Buzz: Urbsn Decay's Naked Basics Review

Thanks to its previous full size versions the Naked Basics palette was sure to be a big hit. Now the reviews are in and the hype is over. After trying it out here is my 100% honest review.

Product: Urban Decay's Naked Basics matte eyeshadow palette.
Price: $27.00
Availability: This palette can be purchased at Sephora, ULTA, and on Urban Decay's website.
Pros: There are a few pros to this pallete and i can see why this could have been a great product. The first pro is its size. It is very compact and great for travel. The mirror on it is also a good size. Although it claims to be all matte Venus does have a frosted finish which i did like because it worked well as a highlight for the brown bone and inner eye corner. I also like that the palette included a brown and black color. Lastly the price wasnt too bad especially if you just needed some basic colors from a reputable brand.
Cons: Unfortunately for this product the cons out way the pros. The concept was great but it was executed poorly. First, half of the colors look almost identical. Second, Foxy and WOS look just like my skin color so there is no point in using them.Third, I expected better quality shadows but they are very chalky and have a lot of fallout. Fourth, they do not blend very well. I found it very difficult to evenly blend. And lastly, these shadows don't live up to Urban Decay's usual longevity.
Overall Opinion: Don't waste your money. I will be returning this product. I purchased it on the basis that 4 of the colors were good enough that i didn't mind the other two. But the quality is awful. I have found a better product that I will show in a later review. So save your time and money. And keep checking back for better substitute.   

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